Bridgett Greenberg is a Los Angeles based Writer, Producer, and Comedian known for her work on Cracked.com and saying hello to dogs on the street more often that people. She has had scripts selected as a Semi-finalist at the Austin Film Festivaland is in the process of completing and submitting several short films. She attended Drexel University with a degree in Screenwriting and Television Production.

Bridgett's IMdB page can be found here and her Twitter page here, and if you could find the Black Keys concert t-shirt she lost while moving out of college apartment please find her contact information under the "Contact Me" tab immediately. 


About Bridgett

Bridgett Greenberg is a Los Angeles based Writer, Producer, Comedian, and Podcast host. She graduated from Drexel University's College of Media Arts and Design, and then like most Fresh Princes/Princesses she left West Philadelphia for Bel-Air. Well, near Bel-Air, about 20 to 40 minutes from Bel Air depending on traffic.

Bridgett's work as a Producer can be seen on CollegeHumor and Cracked, where she was also a Writer and Performer. In 2015 her spec script for Bob’s Burgers entitles Bob’s Kitchen Nightmares made it to the semi-finals of the Austin Film Festival. As a Producer Bridgett has worked on numerous short films that have premiered at prestige film festivals including the Tribeca Film Festival, LA Shorts Fest, and the Seattle International Film Festival. You can also listen to Bridgett talk to comedians about embarrassing childhood moments on her podcast Rough Stuff, or geek-out about Dinosaurs on What Dinosaur Real Good both on the Small Beans Network. You can also see her performing stand-up live at venues across Los Angeles.

Check out this website to find samples of Bridgett's work and get in contact with her.